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“Of special note: I can’t think of a restaurant on this list that has a better graphic treatment — from coasters to website, from the menu design to the typography.” 

– San Francisco Chronicle, The Most Beautiful Restaurants in San Francisco

Designers don’t typically get a lot of props. We are happy if our clients are happy and if that’s the case we chalk it up as a job well done. So a specific callout like we received in the San Francisco Chronicle means a lot, especially when associated with the type of work we do for Presidio Social Club.

We’ve worked with PSC since they opened over a decade ago. They came to us with a solid brand and a style developed by a New York agency. Immediately we had the opportunity to expand on the established brand and begin to weave in our own style. As the brand evolved, in time the only thing that remained was the iconic brand mark. The rest of the visuals – the graphic treatment mentioned in the article – is the result of a beautiful collaboration with PSC’s founder, Ray Tang.

Like I said, we gauge our success when it comes to design by how happy our clients are. Sure, we push back when we disagree with the approach requested by our clients, but they know their business better than we ever will, so we rely on their guidance throughout our engagements. Rare is the client that puts in place general guidelines but encourages us to really push our own creativity like Ray and the team at PSC does. The result is the opportunity for our team to develop a branded illustration style that has evolved through the years, a typographic approach that has become a key element of the brand’s look and feel, and promotional materials that are both playful and powerful.

So a big “Thank you” to Presidio Social Club. Here’s to another decade of collaboration to come!

Brandt Hoekenga is the Co-CEO and Creative Director for TIV Branding
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