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streets to creeks campaign receives award

Streets to Creeks Campaign Receives Award

TIV Branding is thrilled to announce our Streets to Creeks campaign, developed in partnership with the City of Santa Rosa and the Russian River Watershed Association, is receiving an award at the Annual CASQA Conference this year. We’re not really ones to brag, but…

The California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) 2023 Outstanding Public Outreach Project Award

We developed the brand, campaign and all of the necessary tools for the Streets to Creeks program starting in 2018 and have grown the campaign not only in geographic reach, with expansion to Marin and Napa Counties, but in audience reach, development of engagement tools and strategies to expand even further. Our hope is that this award will support that expansion and some day the Streets to Creeks campaign will have a presence throughout California.

Life of the Campaign:
69+ Million Impressions
288,000+ Engagements

2022/23 Campaign:
47% Increase in Engagements
191,000 Reach (Unique Page Views)
3:30 Average Time on Page

With over 69 Million impressions over the last four years and more than 288,000 engagements, the momentum of this campaign is a beautiful thing. It really speaks to the value of a long term brand building strategy and reinforces how a great campaign can not only educate about a program, but can elicit true and meaningful action. 

Case in point?

The 22/23 campaign accounted for more than 140,000 of the life of the campaign engagements. That’s up 47% from the previous year. And with an average of 3:30 time on page for the 191,000 unique page views, the sales-funnel-inspired approach we take for all of our brand building campaigns has proven yet again that it’s a powerful long term strategy. Read more about how we do it here.

And if you’d like to learn more about the Streets to Creeks campaign, read a bit about it here or check out the Streets to Creeks website here.