The word branding is everywhere these days. It has become a buzz word present in most business conversations. And it seems like there’s actually a fair amount of understanding behind the term. People have been educated and understand that the logo is absolutely a huge part of a brand, but it’s nothing more than a figure head with an entire… Read more »

16 years ago I started doing freelance design work. That makes my design career old enough to drive. And somehow it has never crashed. People ask me a lot, especially freelancers or aspiring freelancers, my secrets to success. And those who know me well know I don’t have any secrets, so I’m happy to share any information… Read more »

  At TIV we’ve been Art Directing and Food Styling for a good 10+ years…long enough to really understand the process and how best to represent a brand through great food photography. Like most of our services we approach food photos as a team. Brandt Art Directs and Prop Styles, while Christy develops the recipes and Food Styles. A lot of people ask us… Read more »

We just wrapped up a project for a major clothing brand. We did work a couple of months back for a car company. Oh, and have you seen our work for those whiskey brands that reside on every bar I’ve ever been to? No? That’s because we’re not allowed to share it! Why, you ask, would… Read more »

I always prided myself in being able to emulate almost any style. I worked with Guy Fieri for years, and that was well outside my natural design aesthetic. I’ve created digital paintings in the style of Jasper Johns for a wine label. I’m constantly given examples of the style that my clients would like to use as… Read more »

  Here’s a fun game… say the word “Millennial” in a room full of designers and watch them scatter like cockroaches. Somehow the word and moreover the challenge it represents has become super-scary to those of us trying to appeal to the demographic. For those of you who live under a log, Millennials are those… Read more »

I often bring in our mail with my kindergartner.  It’s fun because unlike me she is still thrilled by the pile of catalogs and bills.  Last month it was particularly fun due to all the crazy and excessive holiday mail we were getting.  One day as we were walking back in to the house lugging the huge stack… Read more »

At the heart of a great service industry brand is the personality if its owners. We firmly believe that the one who really knows the answer to the question is you. Or in this case it’s us. In the ever-changing world of social media, TIV is a very capable partner. We have proven the ability to formulate a… Read more »