They call Valentine’s Day a Hallmark holiday. Well good for Hallmark! That’s just great marketing, right? Even though Hallmark is not a client of ours, we are a generally cheesy crowd at TIV Branding. We believe in the power of positive thinking and talk a lot about things we love about our jobs. So, here’s… Read more »

  SEM Rush Study-Direct Website Traffic Most Important Ranking Factor Source: SEM Rush I was, at first, genuinely surprised and somewhat skeptical when “direct website traffic” was determined to be the primary ranking factor for Google. Direct traffic means a user heads straight to a site rather than ending up there via some other channel… Read more »

Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Luckily for you, there is an enormous pie coming to Santa Rosa this month. That pie is called Pliny the Younger. Tens of thousands of people will be flooding the streets of down town Santa Rosa for two weeks. In 2016 16,000 people came from out of town… Read more »

In early 2017 we were hired to rebrand the Family Justice Center Sonoma County. We had a strong desire to support this amazing organization so we were thrilled to get the gig. TIV has worked with the Stanislaus Family Justice Center in Modesto since 2011, so we have intimate experience with the impact this model… Read more »

What we do is fun. Really fun. We think so and we do it every single day. So it’s really easy to get sucked into the world of fonts, colors and big ideas involved in creative projects and forget about any sort of foundational strategies. But the truth is without the strategy in place from… Read more »

I have a library of style guides. There was a period as a freelancer and then in the early days of TIV when we acted as the graphics department for a number of large agencies in San Francisco. We worked on brands ranging from automobiles to banks, blue jeans to giant tech companies, liquor companies… Read more »

Clients and potential clients ask us this question all the time. It would be easy for us to always push the agency route, but there are pros and cons to hiring your own full-time employee versus contracting with an agency. To figure out what will be the best fit for your organization we would recommend… Read more »

SEO Trends for 2018 The end of 2017 finds the SEO Industry in turmoil. Constant search engine algorithm changes, the labor intensive methods required to improve and maintain SERP rankings, and improved paid marketing tools that provide focused and cost effective campaigns with immediate results have left many SEO Experts questioning their continued participation in… Read more »

We certainly kept ourselves busy in 2017. Check out the breakdown of all the great work we produced. Needless to say, there was plenty of work to choose from when we went around the office and asked everyone their top 10 favorite projects from 2017. Check out some of our favorite work from 2017: TSCI… Read more »