If you’ve followed us through the years, you’ve probably watched TIV working to find ourselves. It was originally just me. Then Christy. Then Britta. And Blythe. And shortly after Adrian and Beau joined us, we moved into the zentiv building and took a swing at the full-service agency thing with Zenergy Works. The number of… Read more »

Ask me, “What makes a good package design?” And you’ll be surprised to hear my answer. You see, I’m a designer. So form over function is how most people assume I roll. But early on in my career I discovered the pitfalls of a design based entirely on form. There’s nothing worse than putting your… Read more »

Email marketing is often the most cost effective marketing platform that companies have. Automating follow up and auto response emails can increase marketing efficiency and engagement. I have listed below some methods that can be used to strengthen the automated email segment of your marketing strategy. 1. Use Email Automation To Engage Users Your growing… Read more »

The key components to building brand awareness? Branding and digital. Often times people think they’re like marketing and design…they just can’t get along. Well we think that’s dumb. Our marketing and design teams get along great. Why shouldn’t branding and digital work in unison? We’ve built TIV Branding around the fact that we know they… Read more »

Long tailed keywords are a way to separate yourself from the pack in your SEO campaign. They are three or four word keyword phrases designed to reach consumers who know exactly what they are seeking and are not afraid to go into more detail in either conventional for voice search queries. I would further define… Read more »

We are big fans of digital. It’s a set of brand building tools that we use every single day because it’s so pointed, so measurable and so accessible. But our biggest struggle is to reinforce and remind clients that branding can not be purely digital. The brand experience must be extended and considered across every… Read more »

Goofy name. We know it. But we’re kind of goofy, so when inTIVidual fumbled its way through the lips of our Marketing and Social Media Strategist, Beau, we knew it was right. Beau is heading up the TIV Branding marketing plan. We’ve made an effort in the last 6 months to practice what we preach…. Read more »