Congratulations on your new packaging! Now, what the heck are you going to do?! Assuming you’ve got your sales channels all figured out, there are a few things that we highly recommend you bite off either prior to launch of the new packaging or in conjunction. There will always be some stuff that’s just too… Read more »


Here at TIV Branding, our theme for 2018 was efficiency. Efficiency is an essential foundational piece for any agency and we are wrapping up the year with the implementation of our new project management system. It’s stupid efficient and you’re going to love it! Once you’ve got a foundation, you can build…and 2019 is all… Read more »

Package Design

My first package design project was at DeLoach Vineyards in 1998. I partnered with their agency at the time and we won an award. I’ve been hooked ever since. There’s something about package design that really gets me going. I think it’s because there’s so much more to it than just the graphic design. It’s… Read more »

Ask me, “What makes a good package design?” And you’ll be surprised to hear my answer. You see, I’m a designer. So form over function is how most people assume I roll. But early on in my career I discovered the pitfalls of a design based entirely on form. There’s nothing worse than putting your… Read more »

What a Style Guide Can and Can't Do For You

I have a library of style guides. There was a period as a freelancer and then in the early days of TIV when we acted as the graphics department for a number of large agencies in San Francisco. We worked on brands ranging from automobiles to banks, blue jeans to giant tech companies, liquor companies… Read more »

So, I was supposed to ‘blog’ last week. We had decided we would all get in on the action of writing blogs for our TIV website and I was the one who created the calendar and assigned myself to last week. Yet here I am a week later, a week late and still no blog… Read more »

“What the heck does that mean?!” That’s exactly what I asked when I first heard the term. I was on a conference call with the printers hired to produce the sleeves TIV designed for the new line of Foster Farms chicken (check out our project focus page to learn more about the process). We were talking with the folks… Read more »

It’s definitely been a busy couple of weeks! Packaging projects for Crystal, a billboard project, print ads… Not to mention the two website proposals we submitted to perspective next clients. But I have to say, my favorite part of the last couple of weeks was trying to explain exactly what we do for a living… Read more »