TIV Branding FAQs

I think we’re up to 24 or 25 websites launched this year at the time of me writing this blog. It’ll be more by the time you’re reading it…we have a couple in development. And we encourage folks to always have FAQs, especially if it’s an e-commerce site. Folks want to learn from the commonly… Read more »

a vlog blog

We started video blogging. Or vlogging as they call it. If you haven’t seen our vlog, go have a look. We have a lot of fun doing them and hopefully, that comes across…along with some useful information. Hopefully. But we didn’t start our vlog just for fun. We did it for a number of reasons,… Read more »

Client Freak Out

Yup. I said it. Client freak outs are a good thing. Sure, they feel really, really bad at the time, but I attribute many of our best practices and process improvements to some solid freak outs. Regular Check-ins Everyone is busy. We’re busy and clients are busy. And if clients are really busy we’re often… Read more »

The Impact of Cambodia

Several years ago we developed a brand and website for a non-profit that works to improve the lives of people in East Asia. It’s pretty easy as a designer and marketer to make things look pretty and never really understand the impact that your work can make. I always (always) say, “We don’t do brain… Read more »

Taking Time Off

I’m stressed. Not going to lie. We leave Monday for East Asia. But it’s not the passports, visas, inoculations or the host of other things we need to do prior to leaving that stresses me out. It’s making sure all of our clients are properly covered in my absence. And they are. They’ll be served… Read more »

Wondering what it’s like to work with TIV Branding? Rather than telling you in our own words, we thought it would be fun to let one of our clients tell you. So, Britta Foster, our Marketing Strategy Director, sat down with Laura Genasci, co-owner of Fiscalini Cheese Company. Britta: How long have we actually been… Read more »

Small Business Week

If you’ve followed us through the years, you’ve probably watched TIV working to find ourselves. It was originally just me. Then Christy. Then Britta. And Blythe. And shortly after Adrian and Beau joined us, we moved into the zentiv building and took a swing at the full-service agency thing with Zenergy Works. The number of… Read more »

Valentine's Day

They call Valentine’s Day a Hallmark holiday. Well good for Hallmark! That’s just great marketing, right? Even though Hallmark is not a client of ours, we are a generally cheesy crowd at TIV Branding. We believe in the power of positive thinking and talk a lot about things we love about our jobs. So, here’s… Read more »

We certainly kept ourselves busy in 2017. Check out the breakdown of all the great work we produced. Needless to say, there was plenty of work to choose from when we went around the office and asked everyone their top 10 favorite projects from 2017. Check out some of our favorite work from 2017: TSCI… Read more »