We love when a client comes to us asking for a marketing campaign to support their brand or product. What could be more satisfying than seeing all of our expertise come together in concert? But while it is a lot of fun, creating an effective marketing campaign requires discipline and intention. After more than a decade of doing this work for a variety of diverse clients we have realized the key to this discipline is a strong process. Enter our DISCOVER, DESIGN, DEVELOP, DRIVE approach. Using this process as the backbone of our work, our marketing campaigns come to life and fly! Check out our process here.

All our marketing campaigns start with a robust DISCOVER phase during which we examine the current service or product, the competition, the target audience, any past marketing efforts, and discuss the goals and objectives of the campaign. This part of the process is critical to the overall success.

The learnings gained in DISCOVER are what lead us into the design of the campaign. The DESIGN phase includes doing design work but it also includes the selection of the right marketing tools. Are we creating a social media campaign to target young moms? Or working on an out-of-home campaign to target commuters? Maybe it’s a digital campaign targeting foodies? Or maybe it is a hybrid of more than one tool with audience-specific messaging and visuals.

Once we hit the DEVELOP phase we modify the campaign as needed for different channels. For example, we use a different type of design for a digital ad versus a print ad – even if the messaging is the same and they are both part of an overall marketing campaign.

Over the years, we have created marketing campaigns that were intended to exist for a specific amount of time or to launch a new product or service. We have also created brand campaigns which have lasted years and years. Either way, the process and approach is the same and either way this discipline is what leads to successful campaigns.

Check out some of our campaigns in action. Here