Social Media Marketing

There are literally a million different ways to approach social media marketing. Well, we haven’t counted, but there are a lot! Our approach can be summed up with two words: Effective and Efficient.

First, we work with our clients to create an effective plan, with clearly defined goals and objectives so we are all on the same page.  Part of this plan includes determining which social channels will be the most effective and efficient for their specific business, since everyone’s needs are different.  We believe in approaching social media from a brand perspective – using tools like a brand voice deck, or a style guide – to make sure all social media efforts are not disparate with the brand, but are still dynamic enough to cut through all the noise in social media.

This upfront planning and the in-depth discussions involved are key to the effectiveness and ultimate efficiency of our efforts.  Once we have a plan, we put it to work with curated content and branded graphics, ensuring that all social media efforts are supporting the overall marketing efforts.

The key to keeping things effective and to making sure we are being efficient? We monitor our client’s social analytics closely, daily even, with a deep dive and report every month to keep us all on the same page. We challenge ourselves to be nimble enough to adjust strategy and content, but not reactionary in a way that might depreciate the brand. And, we work closely with our clients to come up with fresh ideas and new creative monthly and quarterly.

Here are a couple examples of our social media services in action.

Case Study: Prime Shine

Prime Shine came to us with an existing social media plan, needing a fresh set of eyes to look at their efforts and revamp their approach with a slightly adjusted strategy.

To start the engagement off we took a fresh look at channels and agreed that Facebook and Instagram were the right places to play. We also made a strategic decision to divert budget dollars away from just fan acquisition to invest in promoting posts, lead ads, and achieving conversions. This shift allowed us to ensure that their carefully crafted content was reaching a good percent of their audience while driving key business initiatives and promotions. To be efficient in our engagement we also decided to reduce the overall number of Facebook posts, while maintaining Instagram. This less is more approach allowed us to be more strategic in the content choices and really make the individual posts work harder for us according to their specific objectives: reach, engagement, conversion etc.

By utilizing a few Ad Manager tricks we were able to reduce their fan acquisition cost substantially, and cut the quantity of posts all while increasing engagement and driving online sales conversions and newsletter signups.

The most fun? Their fans are incredibly engaged and love the brand. This has challenged us to keep the mix of creative new and fresh – while staying on brand – in order to keep their fans entertained and commenting, liking, and participating.

Case Study: Montgomery Village

Montgomery Village has a savvy team that encourages their merchants to be involved in a wide range of marketing initiatives. When we took over their Facebook social media in the fall of 2015 it was clear that we needed a new approach to content. Prior to our engagement, post content centered around cherry picked events and store promotions. To clear through the noise we developed a strategic approach to create consistency and reliability – to train customers to look to the page for the information they were seeking. By developing two weekly posts, one centered around store promotions, sales and happenings and the other focused on events and concerts at the Village, the content was immediately segmented for varying audiences while also providing a good structure for merchant submissions of content. While those two posts occur regularly, we also employ a more nimble structure for merchant openings, community support, or other needed content.

With a strategic focus on reach and impressions, the page itself also sees strong engagement and good organic growth.

Case Study: Crystal Creamery

In our ongoing full branding support of Crystal Creamery, social media is a piece of their marketing efforts. Focused on Facebook only, Crystal Creamery’s page has a great presence and loyal fans.

Our ongoing strategy has prioritized fan acquisition as well as paid promotions to drive brand awareness and continued brand loyalty. By strategically targeting geos based on distribution we have created a relevant Crystal Creamery community on the Facebook page. Our content focuses on product usage, community involvement, and overall product awareness. This long-term strategy has resulted in continued audience growth and steady engagement. In addition to creating the posts, scheduling the posts, and providing analytics, we also handle the high volume of customer service inquiries via the page for Crystal Creamery.