Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


There are literally a thousand different ways to approach social media marketing. Well, we haven’t counted, but there are a lot! Our approach can be summed up with two words: Effective and Efficient.

First, we work with our clients to create an effective plan, with clearly defined goals and objectives so we are all on the same page.  Part of this plan includes determining which social channels will be the most effective and efficient for their specific business, since everyone’s needs are different.  We believe in approaching social media from a brand perspective – using tools like a brand voice deck, or a style guide – to make sure all social media efforts are not disparate with the brand, but are still dynamic enough to cut through all the noise in social media.

This upfront planning and the in-depth discussions involved are key to the effectiveness and ultimate efficiency of our efforts.  Once we have a plan, we put it to work with curated content and branded graphics, ensuring that all social media efforts are supporting the overall marketing efforts.

The key to keeping things effective and to making sure we are being efficient? We monitor our client’s social analytics closely, daily even, with a deep dive and report every month to keep us all on the same page. We challenge ourselves to be nimble enough to adjust strategy and content, but not reactionary in a way that might depreciate the brand. And, we work closely with our clients to come up with fresh ideas and new creative monthly and quarterly.