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We start all of our client work with a DISCOVER phase. And what did the DISCOVER phase teach us about ourselves? What we really do is build brands. When you look at our work and the areas where we are experts, everything we do can be classified as developing tools to build brands. For example, digital is the most powerful brand building tool available today. Even if you have a logo, a well developed identity creates the full brand experience. Copy writing develops a brand voice that takes the brand experience beyond the visual. And…

We Are Boutique

We love doing amazing work. And we love working closely with our clients. The only way to do so is to remain small enough to have partners involved in each project. We have experts in branding, digital, marketing…and every client benefits from each and every person at TIV.

We Are Experts

The word “expert” is tough for us. Not only does it seem boastful, but more importantly it feels like an expert has nothing left to learn. One of our core values is to “constantly strive to learn and improve.” However, the definition of expert is “a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.” So if the shoe fits…