Web Design 2019


One of the most important tools we use to build a brand is content. Ultimately you need to explain why people should pay attention to your brand…or they won’t. Providing a mix of content sources to keep an organization top of mind is a strategy we employ to good effect thanks to an approach built on digital research and years of experience. TIV Branding has a team of writers that creates content. Every. Single. Day. Thanks to our background in branding, all content is on brand and the team learns more about each organization and becomes more autonomous as time goes on.

Whether the content mix includes social, email, blogs, whitepapers, video and podcasts, or any combination therein, the content is developed not only to engage but to convert. We get that you have to provide quality content before your audience is hooked, but the ultimate goal is to define goals for success and then meet or exceed those goals. That’s three goals. A content marketing hat trick.

All of our projects start with a robust DISCOVER phase during which we explore the competitive landscape and develop a strategy for your content marketing. Are we establishing expertise, building an email list, building a community or is there another strategy in play? The information we uncover in the DISCOVER phase helps us formulate the plan with a solid understanding of your audience.

The learnings gained in DISCOVER are what lead us into the design of the campaign. In this case the DESIGN phase is less about visuals and more about the approach of the content to be created and design of the brand voice.

Once we hit the DEVELOP phase we modify the content as needed for different channels.

For an overview of the TIV Branding process click here.