Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is called just Search Marketing by most current search engine marketers. SEM is a term that covers both paid search ads and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and is the art of earning premium placement on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). TIV Branding works not only with PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign management,  but also SEO to provide brand growth through online traffic for its clients. And we challenge you to write a paragraph containing more acronyms.

TIV offers a full range of services to cover everything our clients could need from their Search Engine Marketing. We offer content creation, search engine optimization, Bing paid search and Google Adwords management, targeted display ad campaigns, programmatic campaigns, and much more. SEM works best when you come at it from multiple angles, and we’re well versed in employing our vast list of ad platforms and strategies to fit branding objectives and budgets.

We pride ourselves in a no nonsense approach to your Search Engine Marketing that is focused on your goals for the growth of your company’s brand.

Here are a couple examples of our use of more SEM services in action.

Case Study: Alluxa (

Since beginning paid advertising management for this client in 2015, we have used a combination of national Google Adwords,  Retargeting, and Bing Paid Ads to increase PPC clicks 103% while reducing the CPC (Cost Per Click) by 36%, increasing conversions 483%, and reducing the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) by 78%. We have carefully worked with the Alluxa Marketing Team to develop the proper relevant keyword mix through extensive keyword research, and to develop compelling and accurate ads linked to robust website content. This strategy has resulted in higher quality scores and better placement, and is the main drive behind the increased conversions. Despite the technical nature of the products being marketed by Alluxa, the combination of Alluxa’s technical knowledge and our knowledge of the platforms being used has resulted in strong positive results for this paid advertising campaign.

Case Study: Tenant Screening Center, Inc. (TSCI) (

TSCI has used us for PPC Management (Pay Per Click Management) since mid-2015; the focus for this client has always been to use paid advertising to supplement a successful Organic SEO campaign. Because of browser privacy settings, Google Analytics has over 86% of the searches on this client’s website listed as “not provided”. We used the national paid campaign in the beginning of the engagement to generate web traffic and understand the conversion patterns in different geo locations, so that we could carefully craft SEO and Blog content to appeal to the different geo targets. This has resulted in TSCI being able to reduce their PPC spend by 81%, while only losing 35% of their clicks and actually increasing  conversions during that period by 4%. Overall traffic on the site continues to grow at a steady pace and new sign ups for the service average 3 to 5 per day. The future strategy for PPC advertising is to encourage conversion and shore up rankings for keywords and geos that need remedial SEO work.

Case Study: Dan’s Auto Center (

We have been asked by this client to develop a PPC strategy to compete with national competitors coming into their market.  Dan’s Auto is located in an affluent suburb of Portland, Oregon.  National auto repair chains have been aggressively moving into the market.  These competitors outspend our client by 3 or 4 to 1, especially when initially establishing new facilities.  By being efficient with the use of the budget to target the most profitable services, specific days and times, mobile users, and certain car makes, we have been able to continue to grow the online presence of Dan’s Auto.  In the past year, we have kept the spend the same, but increased conversions (measured by online service appointments made) by 115%, CPA has dropped by 54%, clicks have increased 14%, and the CPC has decreased 14%.