Traditional Marketing


It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends and newest ideas, especially when it comes to marketing. After all, there are so many new tools and techniques to try. The noise of it all can be deafening. Here at TIV we believe in keeping a foundation of traditional marketing tools upon which we can layer and test all these fun new tools.

But what do we mean by traditional? When we talk to our clients about traditional marketing tools we are typically referring to things like sales and demo kits, brochures, point of sale materials, tradeshow materials and booths, print advertising, out of home advertising and even radio and television advertising. And just because we call them “traditional” doesn’t mean that we don’t employ innovation when designing these tools (where it makes sense). For example, electronic sales kits that can be printed as needed, out of home campaigns that tie back to social media campaigns, or tradeshow booths that are modular.

While we truly enjoy exploring all the new marketing tools that seem to pop up every week, we are also committed to evaluating every tool in the toolbox to find the best fit for each individual client. As is the case in all our projects, this decision making starts with a strong discover phase and well defined strategies including the target market or markets.