What Goes Into A Delicious Photo Like This?

At TIV we’ve been Art Directing and Food Styling for a good 10+ years…long enough to really understand the process and how best to represent a brand through great food photography. Like most of our services we approach food photos as a team. Brandt Art Directs and Prop Styles, while Christy develops the recipes and Food Styles. A lot of people ask us what… Read more »

Natural: Normally existing at birth Talent: The ability to acquire a general or special type of knowledge or skill I’ve been told this is something I have – natural talent. I’ve always been artistic, whether it be drawing, painting, cooking (yes, this too is an art) or decorating baked goods. Now, I didn’t grow up… Read more »

When I first started art directing food photography things were different. We would spend hours arranging grains of rice to perfectly offset the protein and contain the sauce… Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s not far off. The point is the style was to make a plate of food look perfect. It… Read more »