Brand Design


When we say we are experts in brand design, people often think we are referring purely to creating logos. Yes, we do create logos and yes, we do love creating logos and yes, we are excellent at it. However, when you come to TIV for brand design we look at the request from a much more holistic standpoint.

What if you already have a logo that you love? Great. Having a logo that works well, that has equity, and that is well crafted is a great start but it is not enough. Our role then becomes carrying that logo and that identity throughout the brand. Sometimes this means doing tactical work like creating a brand style guide that lays out the rules of the road for everyone who touches the brand (both internally and externally).  Sometimes this means creating marketing support materials or campaigns that drive the brand forward using the beautiful logo.  Sometimes this means designing the right strategy and mix of marketing tools to reach a brand’s target audience.

Brand design starts with a 30,000-foot view of the existing brand, its competition, its target audience, its customers…an essential part of our process we call the DISCOVER phase. The learning from this work drives our strategy and ultimately the tactics we develop for a brand. This work can include creating or updating a logo but it certainly doesn’t have to. This work is about determining the right tools and the right messaging to build a brand. That is the essence of brand design.

Check out some of our brand design in action. Here