Our Process

Branding is truly an art. And putting parameters around art comes with a number pitfalls. However, hoping that an agency can replicate the epiphany they had when working on a branding project in their portfolio is a recipe for disaster. A well defined process shows that the foundation is in place to help find an amazing and creative solution. However, if a project turns out to be a bit more of a struggle, the process serves to power through and find that amazing solution.

The way we see it, a portfolio proves that an agency is capable of doing great work. A process proves that they’re capable of doing great work for you.


Our work is only as good as the research that supports it. All TIV projects have a research phase that is used to identify the audience and the best way to communicate with that audience. We also use this research phase to nail down the details and budget of the phases that follow.


Directed by a solid DISCOVER phase, all essential design elements are developed. The essence of the brand are all shown interacting to create the look and feel of the project. All basic design elements are created for use in the DEVELOP stage.


The DEVELOP phase builds from the deliverables finalized in the DESIGN phase and is guided by information found in the DISCOVER phase.


The DRIVE phase is a long-term relationship when we put all the work done in the DISCOVER, DESIGN and DEVELOP phases to work. Armed with a knowledge of the audience, a brand developed to speak to them directly, and a toolbox of design elements, all materials are created to drive the brand forward.