Social Media Marketing

  Social Media Marketing can be intimidating and confusing as heck, but if you give it time and approach it correctly, it can be extremely rewarding for your business. Then again, if you don’t take the right approach, it can completely ruin your brand. I’ve seen many marketing departments (or owner/founders) jump into social media… Read more »

Facebook Changes

I usually try to ignore online trends that are well covered in main stream media, but because I have had so many inquiries from our customers and friends, I want to write to share my thoughts on the recent drama surrounding Facebook and the changes brought about as facts have come to life regarding Cambridge… Read more »

Facebook Updates

Over the past six months there have been a stupid amount of Facebook changes. It can be difficult to figure out everything that is going on, a fact that our Co-CEO and Creative Director, Brandt brought to my attention. So we sat down and talked about how these changes will affect our own social media… Read more »


One of the many crucial aspects of Facebook advertising is geo fencing and targeting. A couple of questions to ask and answer before you begin your advertising? Who do I want to see my ad and where are these people? For example, if I have a food or beverage company in Modesto and I distribute… Read more »

Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Luckily for you, there is an enormous pie coming to Santa Rosa this month. That pie is called Pliny the Younger. Tens of thousands of people will be flooding the streets of down town Santa Rosa and Windsor for two weeks. In 2019, Pliny the Younger gernated $4.16… Read more »