SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of increasing the rank of a website in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).  And take it from us, there really is an art to SEO. The recipe for successful SEO, based on our decades of experience, is a combination of adjustments to the structure and code of a website (on-page SEO), the creation of unique content that offers value to the website visitors, and the creation of link structure based on how an actual human being would find a website: all of which is designed to impress an algorithm that is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) principles.   

If it sounds complicated it is, but we eat, breathe, and sleep SEO, and we truly love to solve this puzzle for our clients. Our experience has taught us that SEO is not a quick overnight fix but rather disciplined, long term hard work on the part of website developers and programmers, content writers, and online marketing strategists to not only increase search engine positioning, but to create position for the search terms that your visitors are most likely to use to find your business.

When it comes to SEO, keyword research, analysis of website performance and analytics, and careful creation of valuable website content that reflects the brand and culture of a company are critical.  We have experts in each of these mediums, ensuring that we can provide these services to not only increase website traffic, but also to convert that traffic into customers.

Here are a couple examples of our SEO services in action.

Case Study: Humboldt Creamery (

We were charged with improving organic traffic and SERP results for this national organic dairy and creamery. By adding content, strategic link structure, a blogging platform, and key on page SEO elements, we were able to increase organic traffic by 50% month/month since beginning the engagement 4 months ago. These results are not typical, but Humboldt Creamery was uniquely positioned because of an already strong national brand. Link-building, blog content, and on page maintenance continue to build traffic.

Case Study: Alluxa (

We have been working with Alluxa for over 2 years, and have doubled their website traffic in each year of the engagement. Over that period, we have increased organic website traffic 134%. Client reports dramatic gains in engagement in terms of product inquiries online and consistent double digit quarterly sales gains, due in most part to increased online traffic. We have optimized and gained placement not only for Alluxa’s main website, but also for their catalog site that has been constructed on a Magento Ecommerce Platform. Future plans include strategic inbound links, a blog program, and consulting on the launch of a new website.

Case Study: APCT (

We have helped APCT to grow into one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of printed circuit boards. Our work on SEO began in late 2015, and since then we have grown organic traffic on the website over 226% based on a consistent program of geo-focused content, a disciplined on page strategy, and inbound link creation. We consulted with the client’s agency on the launch of a new website in early 2017 and the new launch resulted in no loss of SERP rankings or organic traffic. Future plans include promotion of an expanded product line.

Case Study: Haulaway (

Haulaway is a major provider of portable storage containers in the Western US. Since beginning work with this client in mid 2015, we have increased traffic for this “mature” SEO client an average of over 34% per year. A combination of disciplined on page SEO management, geo content, and blog posting and guest blogging have propelled this client ahead of a number of national competitors like U-Haul and Pods in the Search Engine Results for the Western Markets that they serve.

Case Study: Remote Satellite Systems (

Remote Satellite is a national provider of satellite communication systems targeting both government and private firms as clients. Since beginning work on building Remote Satellite’s online presence in late 2015, we have been able to grow organic traffic over 90% each year and reduced bounce rate by over 9% each year by creating a new Shopify site with a WordPress front end for marketing materials. We have provided product and service focused content as well as a sophisticated site search feature that has encouraged conversions. Virtually all of the business of this firm comes from referrals and online inquiries, so this growth has been instrumental in allowing the client to compete with larger national clients.

Case Study: Dr. Barry Silberg M.D. F.A.C.S. (

Dr. Barry Silberg is a local SEO client with a thriving plastic surgery practice in Sonoma County. The landscape for plastic surgery services is competitive, and we rebuilt Dr. Silberg’s website onto a WordPress platform to allow maximum flexibility in marketing and on page SEO. We have employed geo focused quality content along with some inbound links to increase organic traffic by 89% in the past 12 months. The largest growth of organic traffic has been in the City of Santa Rosa with over 130% growth in organic traffic in the past 12 months.