Why Homepage Carousels Need to Rotate Away

Some call it a carousel, some call it a slider…whatever you call it, as a website designer I can almost guarantee that clients will ask for one. Along with that guarantee, I can tell you they are ineffective and should rotate their way out of web design. But unlike many ungrounded things detested by designers,… Read more »

Is Your Website Built For Your Customer?

Is Your Website Built For Your Customer? Or is it built for you? Dang. Tough question, but the right answer is essential if you want your site to qualify for what we at TIV Branding like to call “hard-working websites.” More often than you would think, clients are focused on the logistics of getting a… Read more »

What Happens to SEO When You Switch Domains?

Google determines rankings by analyzing metrics on both domain level and page level. When you change your domain, you reset the domain metrics back to square one. Which is bad for SEO… That’s why our CEO & Digital Director, Eric Van Cleave put together this comprehensive list of steps to take when switching to domains… Read more »

Mistakes When Designing a Website

TIV Branding designs and builds websites. Lots of them. We’ve been doing it for about 20 years, so we’ve gotten pretty good at keeping up with the trends and adjusting our strategies as needed. In fact, websites are now our primary service offering because they have become the hub of all of the brand building… Read more »


Here at TIV Branding, our theme for 2018 was efficiency. Efficiency is an essential foundational piece for any agency and we are wrapping up the year with the implementation of our new project management system. It’s stupid efficient and you’re going to love it! Once you’ve got a foundation, you can build…and 2019 is all… Read more »

We’ve all seen those Facebook comics that our designer friends post. They reinforce how hard it is to be a ‘creative’ and how stifling the folks that manage creative projects can be. They feature illustrations of the horrible clients, decorated with red horns, that micro-manage and suck all the creativity out of a project. And… Read more »