Wine Package Design Santa Rosa

Wine Package Design Santa Rosa

Wine packaging design has evolved for Santa Rosa wineries along with brands across the state. With the advent of custom crush facilities, the need for vineyards, wineries, and huge investments is gone. This is an exciting time in the industry because anyone can own a wine brand. However, as a result, there’s a lot more competition for consumer attention.

There are so many options for wine drinkers, it can be overwhelming, and brand loyalty is much more difficult with so many brands to choose from. The key is to be consistent with branding and very pointed in picking your target audience. Your wine label design should not only be beautiful and eye-catching, but follow a brand strategy. In addition to wine packaging design for your Santa Rosa based brand, it’s important to support the brand with strong digital and traditional marketing campaigns. TIV provides a full range of wine branding services because we feel like it all needs to work in concert. We drive customers to pick up the bottle. Your wine drives them to buy it again.

Creating a Strong Wine Brand

With the increase of brands in the market and the number of millennials picking wine as their drink of choice, there is an opportunity to really develop strong brands with personality. There are many more approachable wine brands these days that are branded to appeal to specific audiences. At TIV, we don’t just work with wine labels…we also drink wine ourselves! Call it market research. In all actuality, when creating wine label design, we research the brand extensively in our DISCOVER phase. From that research we create a brand deck to really define the essence of your brand and the story you want to tell consumers, and how we will appeal to a specific audience. Fun and playful doesn’t mean cheap anymore – our designers will create custom packaging that reflects the key qualities of your brand.

When you need wine packaging design in Santa Rosa, you should turn to the experts. But we don’t throw that term around lightly. We only make the expert distinction after years of work experience, countless lunch and learns, and life in an agency culture that encourages everyone to keep sharpening their skills. We have been lucky enough to design wine brands since 1999. And we use our experience in other industries and our knowledge as active consumers to push wine brands outside of the old way of doing things. Whether you’re looking to refresh your current brand, a total rebrand, or create a new brand altogether, think TIV Branding.

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