Wine Marketing Campaigns Santa Rosa

Wine Marketing Campaigns Santa Rosa

Wine Marketing Campaigns

Santa Rosa is rich with wine marketing campaigns. The TIV Branding office is located in the heart of Wine Country, where there are at least 600 tasting rooms across Sonoma and Napa counties. Throw in ecommerce wineries and there are literally thousands of wines to choose from in this area. As wine aficionados, we are lucky to live in this area and enjoy strolling the wine aisle any chance we get. But as designers and marketers, we know the importance of brand campaigns that help a brand stand out. Additionally, our direct connection with the industry, as both consumers and marketers, gives us a great perspective when partnered with our experience in other industries.

Our Agency Has its Roots in Wine

Brandt began working in wine marketing in 1999 when he joined DeLoach Vineyards. While there he met Christy, who started at DeLoach in 1998 and later worked at Ferrari-Carano. Many years later, the pair met Beau at Seghesio, and convinced him to join the TIV team (with promises of exciting work and lots of coffee). We’ve completed projects we’re very proud of throughout the wine industry and across a variety of other industries. Check out a few of our campaigns here…and so far we haven’t run out of coffee. We’ve worked with wine brands based in Sonoma and Napa County on all aspects of wine branding: label design, packaging, brand refreshes and rebrands, and marketing campaigns. Our team’s experience working in the wine industry paired with our overarching knowledge of marketing and design allows us to create eye-catching and effective wine marketing campaigns for Santa Rosa clients.

Wine presents a unique and interesting challenge to traditional marketing. Campaigns are unique in that they aren’t necessarily focused in traditional channels, such as magazines or outdoor. Brand campaigns in the wine industry are often centered on in-store only. Our approach is to tell a brand story right there at the point of purchase and encourage product trial. A wine marketing campaign for Santa Rosa wineries needs to both grab shoppers’ attention and then convince them to try the product. That’s why we carry the campaign across shelf talkers, neckers, case cards, and more. We then reinforce with more broader approaches such as ad placements and digital advertising.

Wine marketing campaigns are essential for Santa Rosa wineries. Brand loyalty is becoming less and less common, so reinforcing why consumers pick a certain wine brand is more important than ever. If the brand isn’t strong, in-store sales become a price battle. The only way to avoid playing the price game is to carry your wine brand’s messaging across strong and effective campaigns with the help of a marketing agency…perhaps a local company of experienced professionals with roots in the industry. Maybe one called TIV Branding? Let’s talk wine campaigns.

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