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TIV Branding’s Brand New Positioning

Positioning! How many people are bored of hearing Brandt talk about positioning? Well too bad, cuz I’m back at it! The difference? I’m talking about TIV Branding’s positioning this time. That’s right. TIV Branding has a more focused positioning and we’re thrilled to share. First a note on positioning, what it is, and how it can help build a brand more efficiently.

Positioning Overview

The big picture description of positioning is where your organization, product or service stands in relation to those who offer similar products and services. In the service industry a brand’s positioning is sometimes based on a service or process, but it is usually industry-based.

Why Positioning is Important

As a creative agency without tight positioning TIV Branding was marketing to everyone. If we try to do everything for everyone not only will we never develop a deep expertise but we are easily replaced by the agency down the block who does the same stuff. However, if we specialize in a specific service for a specific industry, we are unique. There are other agencies that may provide the service or work with the industry, but not with our level of expertise.

TIV Branding’s Positioning

Brand building for nonprofit organizations. Ba-bam! We have done this work for a long, long time and are therefore very good at it. TIV has the ideal combination of expertise to really help get eyes on nonprofits and ensure those eyes are seeing something worth seeing.

I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, I’ve worked with TIV Branding for a long time and I’m not a nonprofit…I don’t want to go elsewhere.” Don’t! We’re not exclusively working with nonprofits, we’re just marketing our services to nonprofits because it’s an industry we specialize in and an area of our business we would love to grow. Relax. We’ve still got you!