TIV Branding FAQs

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I think we’re up to 24 or 25 websites launched this year at the time of me writing this blog. It’ll be more by the time you’re reading it…we have a couple in development. And we encourage folks to always have FAQs, especially if it’s an e-commerce site. Folks want to learn from the commonly asked questions of their peers, not figure them out themselves. It was in talking through the benefits of FAQs with a client from a user experience standpoint and SEO standpoint that made me realize we need our own FAQs. But you know we can’t do anything in a normal way…

Is it TIV or T.I.V.?

It’s TIV. No initials. Like the sound at the end of creative, innovative and collaborative. Although we went through a period where we tried to come up with words to make it an acronym. It was when we were working on a rebrand with the city and realized that a ton of community organizations rely on acronyms that spell an associated word. MADD is the only one I can think of right now. I’m sure you’ll thinking of a couple and mutter “duh, Brandt” as you read this. Point being, that’s cool and all, but we could only come up with Today Is Vital for TIV. Which is an even more diluted way of explaining our name than the actual origin…

Where did the name TIV come from?

In 2009, when TIV was formed and we expanded beyond Christy and me by adding Britta, we realized Hoekenga Design was no longer applicable. Not only was the last name no longer the one Britta used since getting married, but the design part was limiting. We were expanding to additional services and needed a name to reflect our new offerings. All the words we used to describe our ideal company ended in “tive”…creative, innovative, collaborative…so we went with that. On its own, “tive” read like hive or five, so we dropped the e. It’s been a talking point ever since. Now we can just refer folks to our FAQs.

How many folks work at TIV?

We’ve got an office in downtown Santa Rosa that houses our core team of 13. Our other 4 team members work part-time and from home. This small team is able to brand, design, develop, and market for our clients through digital and traditional channels. Oh, and keep the lights on by taking care of accounting and operations.

Are you hiring?

At this point, there are no plans to expand TIV Branding. We believe that we are at the optimum size to serve our clients in a high touch and effective way. 

Do you do naming?

No. Just no.

Is my business an ideal fit for TIV Branding?

In a perfect world, all of our projects would allow all of us to work in unison. We’ve had some projects that encompass branding, packaging, traditional marketing, digital marketing, and website. That, my friends, is when TIV really shines. But ultimately the perfect client is one where TIV Branding can use our superpowers to help them achieve their goals. We work with Marketing Directors, Owners/Founders and more. If you value what we do, then we’re in.

That’s it. The TIV Branding FAQ page. I guess you could add in “why can’t you do anything in a normal way?” But I think the answer is obvious.