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The Problem With No-Click Searches (And How To Get Your Traffic Back)

Digital Marketing practitioners are faced with more and more competition each year for the attention of the online search audience. More information that clients need to make decisions is included in Google Text Ads and Meta Descriptions that do not require potential customers to click on an ad to find the information that they need. With this information in mind, are paid search and organic search still relevant?

A recent Rand Fishkin study reported by Spark Toro studied the increase of no-clicks on any search performed. The study shows a decrease in organic clicks and the increase in no-clicks, but what isn’t highlighted? The increase in paid clicks. In February 2016 only 1.83% of searched earned a paid click (this does not reflect the average CTR), but in February 2018, more than 3% of searches resulted in paid clicks. It leads to the question, “Is Google stealing more traffic because of the current top of page placement for paid search?” The answer is clearly “Yes”.

How To Get Your Traffic Back:

1. Use organic and paid ads together in search results.

The clients that we represent who use both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and paid search advertising get a higher rate of conversion than those who use just one SERP (Search Engine Results Page) strategy. If you are seen more than once, you are seen as a leader in your field.

2. Research long-tailed keywords.

Voice search is becoming more prevalent and is being used more and more. This trend may continue, or go the way of other search “fads” and fade away, but for the moment, be prepared for search terms that include, “near me”, “find for me” and “get me”.

3. Expand your digital marketing beyond search.

Instead of waiting for a potential customer to use a search term to find you, be creative and reach out to potential customers. Use display ads as an opportunity to build your brand and give your online audience a chance to see your company’s personality and uniqueness. Target these ads through Google Display, which generally provides the most results for the investment, or get more targeted with programmatic ads that can reach out to clients who frequent your competitors, or events that attract the types of customers or clients that best fit your customer profile.

4. Email marketing.

Don’t be shy about telling your previous and current customers about how well you are doing and how you have improved your product offerings. Provide additional information or important changes and new developments on the products or services that have been purchased previously and highlight new offerings that provide value. Read more about email marketing here.

5. Use Social Media and Platforms other than search engines.

How many people seek to find the best auto repair shop in the area by reviewing the comments of others on Facebook? How many potential e-commerce customers skip the search engines to look for a product on Amazon? These are just two of the behaviors that demand that you widen the scope of your online marketing to reach your potential customers on their favorite online platform.

Yes, digital marketing and branding are getting complicated. Yes, there are a lot of trends to follow and study. No, you cannot do it all, know it all, or master it all. Oh, and by the way, on top of it all, you need to keep it all on brand.

That is why most firms have hired a team of marketers to handle their SEO, display, paid search, programmatic, email, social media and overall brand review. Successful firms use all of these assets, and more, in their marketing plans to keep up with the huge variety of information platforms available to their customers and clients.

Eric Van Cleave is the Co-CEO and Digital Marketing Director for TIV Branding
TIV Branding is a boutique branding firm in Sonoma County, California. We specialize in building brands by using traditional, social and digital channels in unison. If you would like to discuss a project or find out more about how we do what we do, please email us at info@TIVbranding.com.