Why Homepage Carousels Need to Rotate Away

Some call it a carousel, some call it a slider…whatever you call it, as a website designer I can almost guarantee that clients will ask for one. Along with that guarantee, I can tell you they are ineffective and should rotate their way out of web design. But unlike many ungrounded things detested by designers,… Read more »

Is Your Website Built For Your Customer?

Is Your Website Built For Your Customer? Or is it built for you? Dang. Tough question, but the right answer is essential if you want your site to qualify for what we at TIV Branding like to call “hard-working websites.” More often than you would think, clients are focused on the logistics of getting a… Read more »

The Perfect Welcome Email: Why and How

The perfect welcome email is something that is easily overlooked. We spend so much time planning and working to gain search engine traffic to our websites. We carefully craft content to encourage conversion, and if we are successful and we persuade a potential customer to send us an inquiry form or request for a quote… Read more »

Creative in Digital Marketing

Creativity has always been a key part of any successful marketing plan.  Digital Marketing is not an exception, and with the incredible amount of information available to anyone with an internet connection, potential customers often require a unique and compelling message to be motivated to find out more. Digital marketers who hope to build successful… Read more »

SEO Planning For Post COVID-19

The Local, Regional, National and World situation is in a state of change right now.  I believe that the best strategy in this unprecedented situation is to spend time understanding the “new normal” that will emerge in SEO and search post-COVID-19.  I have outlined some opportunities that can be addressed now for improved SEO. 1…. Read more »

How To Get Your Videos Ranking On Google Search

Have you looked at the search results for the goods and services that you sell and found that your competitors have videos in the search results?  If they can do it, you can do it too.   If your competitor does not have videos in search results, then this would be a great time to create… Read more »

Email Marketing During A Crisis

I have been talking with many clients about email strategy during the current COVID-19 crisis. How much to email? Who to send the emails to? What to say? These are all tough questions and the answers vary depending on your type of business. If you are a non-essential business and you have had to temporarily… Read more »

Voice Search

According to ComScore 50% of searches will be done on voice search by the end of 2020.  A lot of Industry Experts have quoted this statistic, and Google seems to believe it. BERT, a recent Google Algorithm update, is designed largely to improve the quality of search response by using machine learning to unravel some of… Read more »

Google Algorithm Update: BERT

Spoiler Alert:  This is meant to be a very broad-brush summary designed to explain why the latest major Google algorithm update may be affecting your rankings.  According to Google, this does not “directly affect rankings” and you cannot optimize for it. However, we and others in the SEO industry have seen wide fluctuations in rankings.  So… Read more »

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Spoiler Alert:  This Does Not Apply to you unless your business meets the threshold outlined below.  Please review this carefully if you meet these criteria: TIV Branding is very careful about protecting the interests of our website clients, and while very few of our clients are impacted by CCPA, we wanted to be sure to… Read more »