This page is a general style guideline. Please use it for reference and add to it as needed.





This is an H1

This is an H2

This is an H3

This is an H4

This is an H5


Paragraph Copy

This is some paragraph copy. It has it’s own styling in terms of space between paragraphs, bold copy. italic copy and link formatting.

It will generally use the base font size and style for the site. It should be kept this way for consistency. Though there are some cases where paragraph copy has special formatting depending on the usage.


This is a block quote



Green Button

Bulleted List

  • Item 1
    • Sub Item
  • Item 2
    Shift-Return to break a line
  • Item 3


Numbered List

  1. Item 1
    • Sub Item
  2. Item 2
    Shift-Return to break a line
  3. Item 3