Social Media Marketing Company in Santa Rosa

Social Media Marketing Company Santa Rosa

You don’t have to travel anymore for a great social media marketing company in Santa Rosa…that is unless you live outside of Sonoma County! There’s no need to go to San Francisco or Los Angeles for a professional agency to handle your social media marketing. TIV Branding is an agency that offers a full range of branding, marketing, and digital services. Having social media done by your banding/design company creates many efficiencies. Having social media done by your digital marketing agency creates even more efficiencies. Who doesn’t love efficiencies?

Social media marketing is great when utilized with other digital channels. It should never be used in a silo. Many businesses post disjointed content to their social accounts that don’t connect with their brand. We see this most with Instagram stories and Snapchat and it makes us cringe every time. If you’re a high-end retailer with luxury branding in print media, it’s inconsistent to have a social channel full of emojis. Just saying. Social media should be used with a full funnel approach and align with other pieces in marketing, such as messaging on your website and digital ads. We use social media in conjunction with email campaigns, print ads, digital display, and Google AdWords. We can help maximize your social media budget with effective, integrated strategy. Compared to other channels Social Media advertising is extremely cost effective and with the right strategy, we can continue to increase its effectiveness.

There may be a lot of people offering social media marketing for your company in Santa Rosa, but very few streamline it with branding and digital. Work with local experts to create a cohesive social media marketing strategy with measurable objectives. With our team of knowledgeable marketers, designers, content writers, and digital experts behind you, we can use social media in concert with other channels to reach your goals, whether that’s brand awareness, engagement, or to drive customers to your website. Let’s get social.

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