Social Media Marketers in Santa Rosa

Social Media Marketers in Santa Rosa

Social Media Marketers

Individual social media marketers are everywhere in Santa Rosa, but TIV Branding has an entire team working on your social media, and it’s done through the lense of branding and digital marketing. Marketing with social media is incredibly labor intensive: content creation, scheduling, ads, monitoring content on multiple platforms, tracking metrics. You’ll need a team of experts to run your social accounts. Fortunately, that’s just what we have. We don’t throw around the word expert lightly. But our team has years of experience in marketing, design, digital development, SEO, content, and more. Our knowledge and expertise makes us a powerful marketing team, whether that’s social or other channels.

Using social media as a brand building tool is one of the most effective ways to use the channel. Brand awareness campaigns, engagement campaigns, pay per click campaigns are all effective tactics to help build your social media brand. Interweaving marketing with social media with your other marketing channels is a dynamic and effective way to engage your audience and promote your brand.

The social media marketers in our Santa Rosa office don’t rush in blind. We create a G’SOT (goal, strategy, objective, tactics) before diving into social media. Each of these is important so your social account isn’t haphazard and erratic. Whether the goal is brand awareness, engagement, or driving people to your website, it must be stated to have a plan in place. Once we’ve determined the goal, we can create a strategy to reach that goal with measurable objectives. Without objectives, we cannot truly know how effective our social media initiatives are. Our social media marketers love data: number of followers, percentage of engagement, number of clicks. Our objectives drive our tactics. No goal or strategy means aimlessly posting to social and searching for every holiday or throwback Thursday. Instead, we use targeted posts and ads that fit within the goal.

Working with a branding agency for your social is the smartest thing you’ll ever do. No more random posts and links to your social accounts, posting four times one day and then forgetting for a month, or wondering which emoji to use. Our social media marketers have a team of designers, content writers, and digital experts to assist them in crafting and implementing the best plan for your social accounts. We will develop G’SOT and keep you updated with monthly reports of progress. Not only can we work on social media, we will make sure it fits into your brand’s story on other channels as well. Stop posting randomly and waiting for results. Contact professional social media marketers for your Santa Rosa business.

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