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SEO Planning For Post COVID-19

SEO Planning For Post COVID-19

The Local, Regional, National and World situation is in a state of change right now.  I believe that the best strategy in this unprecedented situation is to spend time understanding the “new normal” that will emerge in SEO and search post-COVID-19.  I have outlined some opportunities that can be addressed now for improved SEO.

1. Google Trends

Total search volumes are increasing as those who are sheltered in place look to the internet for news and information, as well as needed goods and services.  Tracking new search terms in your vertical on Google Trends and optimizing for these terms can open up new sources of website traffic, especially when the economy picks up again.

2. Work On Website Content And Video

According to Search Engine Journal,  YouTube traffic has increased by 15.3% during COVID-19 right now, start developing more video content to take advantage of this.  A good place to start is to take a look at previously developed content that resonated via traffic and repurpose that content in a video format.  If your goods or services have been seen in a different light because of COVID-19, address that in a video.  If your business is supporting your community during this crisis, let people know.  This is the sort of thing that reassures us all that we are truly working together.

Adding depth and information to your site to help consumers to better understand your products is also valuable.  Typical resources include FAQs, estimating or evaluation tools, glossaries explaining industry terminology, and ebooks or whitepapers for email opt-in.

It may be true that some of this content will not reap results in the short term, but the long term benefits of having the information that customers will need when COVID-19 is over will allow you to be well-positioned to take advantage of the pent up demand for your products or services.

3.  Keywords

These are not typical times.   It is possible that new keyword searches have emerged or that existing keywords have taken on new importance and are more important to your traffic.   Great sources of information to evaluate these changes are ahrefs.com, Google Keyword Planner, SEM Rush and Google Search Console.  Another source of information is to evaluate your own site analytics and look for shifts in most popular pages and landing pages within your site.  These are definitely not normal times, and using the normal strategy may put you at a disadvantage, so look for changing trends and how they may benefit your business.

4.  Prepare for Future Opportunities

It is difficult to predict how long COVID-19 will have a stranglehold on the economy.  Most businesses will be facing a challenge to rebuild once shelter in place is lifted and those who have been displaced return to work.  Using this time to outline strategies for upcoming Holidays and thinking through how those Holidays may be affected by these circumstances will help to boost revenues.  It is not too early to consider Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas.

5. On Page SEO and Site Performance

Content creation is definitely a key to SEO success, but now is a great time to circle back and review the following:

  • Ensure your page speed is optimized
  • Update your website photos.
  • Review Schema Markup
  • Review UX (User Experience) on your site.
  • Check your URL structure.
  • Check Google Search Console and SEM Rush site scan for improvement opportunities.


Feeling discouraged by the current economic and social challenges presented by COVID-19 is understandable.  The reality of the situation is that many businesses will need a rebound in revenues once COVID-19 is done to survive.  Looking for SEO opportunities and a competitive advantage in search during this time can be critical.  Look at your gap analysis if you need to improve rankings, look for additional opportunities to improve traffic and conversions, and plan for success in future events.  For many businesses, there will be pent up demand for their goods and services.  Be ready to have as many customers as possible find you.

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