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Natural Talent

Natural: Normally existing at birth
Talent: The ability to acquire a general or special type of knowledge or skill

Natural TalentI’ve been told this is something I have – natural talent. I’ve always been artistic, whether it be drawing, painting, cooking (yes, this too is an art) or decorating baked goods. Now, I didn’t grow up thinking ‘I want to be partner in a graphic design & marketing firm.’ I took art all through middle and high school and loved every minute of it. In fact Art and PE were the ONLY classes I got an A in!

Cooking and baking became a love of mine at about the age of 10. I was ecstatic when I received my very first Wilton cake decorating kit with front and back sided bear cake pans. It stood upright like a real bear after it was baked. How cool is that?  I would spend hours piping each little star tip of frosting to create a perfect black & white panda bear. It was almost a shame to cut into his little head and gobble up the delicious cake…but I did. You see, I like to eat almost as much as I like to cook.

I remember, starting at age 13, my mom would leave me a blank check (remember when you could do that?) and I would go to the store after school and buy ingredients for dinner. Then I’d joyfully run home and create a (sometimes) delicious meal. This ‘natural talent’ of mine was (sometimes) very beneficial to my mom.

This past weekend our 6 year old son asked me, “Mommy, can we do an art project today?” My response was, “Sure, but can we make it edible?” My natural talents of art and cooking have married together so that I get share the wonderful experience of baking something pretty and then gobbling it up with my husband and son.

– Christy Hoekenga