How Do We Do It?

Building a Brand





Do you recognize this sales funnel? If you took any marketing classes in school I bet you do. If you don’t recognize it, we made it up. Kidding of course. However, what we do that is unique when it comes to the good old sales funnel, is use it in relation to social or environmental organizations.

Brand building is exactly what it sounds like. It’s taking a brand and building awareness and interest that will eventually lead to decision and ultimately drive action. As much as we would love to believe the action will happen without the brand building that precedes it, in today’s crowded nonprofit world, the only way to ensure the longevity of an organization is to invest in building the brand now so action will eventually happen.


TIV Branding is a creative agency. We have done the creative agency thing in various forms since 2009. And prior to that each of the TIV Branding owners have done the creative agency thing under different names. Point is, we know how to do our thing.

So why limit ourselves to social and environmental programs? The years we’ve put into learning to do what we do so well have lead us to many different industries. The industry that rose to the top in not only putting our expertise to work, but in inspiring us to do outstanding work, is the nonprofit world. Do we work with other industries? Absolutely. But social and environmental programs through nonprofits and municipalities are the clients we serve better than anyone else.


We are an amalgamation of a branding & marketing agency and a digital agency so we are well-versed in many different tactics. As a result we are able to develop a unique strategy for every organization we work with. We learn from other organizations but make sure any tactics we employ are ideal for each individual program. Audiences are extremely diverse and should be treated that way. If it makes sense to, we employ…

And More…


The ultimate goal is action and the specific action is highly dependent on the program. But one thing that does not change is the need to expose the correct audience to the correct message in order to eventually pull them down the funnel. We are experts in working with organizations to define their audiences and develop the visuals and messaging that will resonate with them. But none of that is worth a thing without getting eyes on those visuals and messages.

United We Rise
Since 2020 we have gotten over 11+ Million eyes (and no, we’re not counting two eyes per person) and we have earned more than 113,000 clicks through this United Way brand building campaign.
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Ours to Protect
Since its launch in August of 2019, the Streets to Creeks campaign has had over 41+ Million impressions and over 130,000 engagements.
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