Hermes Creative Awards

Hermes Creative Awards

We’re never very comfortable talking about ourselves. We believe our work speaks for itself and our clients stick around for years not months… With that being said it is nice to have your hard work confirmed by a third party and that is exactly what happened when we took home three awards from The Hermes Creative Awards. No big deal. Just kidding it’s a big deal. You should be really impressed. We took home the highest honor (platinum) for the website design we did for Sonoma Vinegar as well taking home a gold for our logo design of Sumbody and nonprofit website design for WomenServe.

Check out the overview for each project below and feel free to pop a bottle of champagne while reading it. That’s what we did.

Sonoma Vinegar – Website Design – Platinum

Sonoma Vinegar had a longstanding foodservice brand when they engaged TIV Branding to do a complete rebrand. The website was driven by the design of the packaging but was able to bring the brand to live with compelling motion graphics, a cheeky brand voice, and new and different approaches.

Sumbody – Logo Design – Gold

Sumbody was started in the ’90s and hadn’t seen a facelift since its inception. We learned early on that their Owner/Founder was brand. And the brand was her. The other aspect was the name Sumbody. It was awkward to say when I was describing our newest client to the team: “We’re working with Sumbody.” Imagine the “Who’s on first base” conversation that ensued. But the name was well-known in the Indie Beauty industry and changing it was not a smart option, so we immediately set off on the task of explaining the name in a more direct manner. The concept of the name was good: The total approach, meaning the sum of all the things you put in and on your body, is what the brand is all about. It was just confusing without some sort of explanation on the front of the packaging.

The circle made sense. They had used the simple icon since the ’90s. But I was not sure we could find a unique enough circle to use it as an ownable icon. I mean…it’s a circle. So, the focus became not on the shape, but the story is told. Again, we went back to the concept behind the brand name and used the circle to symbolize a connection of all things. The circle became the connection of all the components that made the product and the brand special.

WomenServe – Nonprofit Website Design – Gold

The redesign of the WomenServe website had two primary goals: Add clarity around both the branding and why storytelling is a foundational piece of their approach and encourage donors. The resulting site is a photo-rich yet quick to load and easy to use and tells an important story that deserves to be heard.