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Looking for an agency to develop food and beverage marketing campaigns in Santa Rosa? As both food lovers and digital experts, TIV takes an innovative approach to food campaigns that is both effective and efficient.

When was the last time you searched online for a recipe? Last night, while you were trying to decide what to eat for dinner? It’s the daily grind…looking for a new and exciting recipe. The desire to try new and different food is part of our culture with so many cooking shows, channels, books, etc. Over 550,000 searches take place each month looking for “recipes.” There are 450,000 searches a month for “chicken recipes” and 201,000 for “chocolate chip cookie recipe.” The desire for recipes and the foodie culture is only growing.

The Art of Food Marketing

This isn’t just something we’ve observed from the outside, we live it! We are foodies not just at work, but home as well. As a result, we really do walk a mile in the consumers’ shoes…constantly looking for recipes, inspiration, better products, etc. As a result we are really good at recipe development, food styling, and food photography art direction. Working with food and beverage brands is energizing and exciting, giving us the chance to delve into industries we’re passionate about. Some of the brands we’ve worked with on food campaigns include Crystal Creamery, Fiscalini Cheese Company, and Humboldt Creamery to name a few. We go above and beyond for our clients, and if part of the job entails eating ice cream to understand your brand…so be it.

Foodies and Digital Marketing

What happens when foodies have access to search engine stats, research, and digital marketing tactics? We develop great tasting recipes that people actually want. Oh, and we style and photograph the recipes. Oh, and we optimize for them so that people find the recipes they want. All in house!

The end game of our food and beverage marketing campaigns for Santa Rosa brands and all the brands we work with is to make them a resource for customers. Even if consumers don’t use the brand, they will likely give it a trial when the opportunity arises once the brand is established as a resource. And even better, if the product is unique, we can build recipes requiring the specific product as an ingredient. We create custom recipes based around consumer research, style and photograph the recipes, and optimize the webpage so people are directed to your recipe and your products. Mind blown.

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