Food and Beverage Branding Agency Santa Rosa

Food and Beverage Branding Agency Santa Rosa

Food and Beverage Branding Agency

Being a food and beverage branding agency in Santa Rosa is like working at the mouth of a spring. The products produced in this area are amazing. There are innovative food, wine, beer, and spirits brands here unlike anywhere else. Our founder, Brandt Hoekenga, started freelancing while working full-time as Art Director for a well known wine brand in 1998, so food and beverage branding has been on the forefront of our business since the very beginning.

After Brandt left his day job, he formed Hoekenga Design, which later evolved into TIV. Christy Hoekenga left her position at a prominent Sonoma County winery to join the TIV business as well. Finally, with the addition of Britta Foster, who worked in marketing at a major California food brand, we had grown into a team of food and wine experts. We’ve been working hard to make as many food and beverage companies in California successful while also striving to be the best branding agency in the whole wide world. Maybe even the universe. Really though, we work hard every day to be the best possible branding agency for our clients and really that’s what it’s all about.

One of our first clients was Foster Farms. We helped brand their organic line of chicken, in a time when organic was a relatively new offering. We also worked to develop cookbooks for them, including art directing food photo shoots. Thanks to that experience we and thanks to our position as a food and beverage branding agency in Santa Rosa, we are able to offer our clients a range of specialized services including recipe development, food styling, art directing photo shoots, and packaging. And our experience, process, and dynamic team allow us to support a wide range of clients.

As a boutique food and beverage agency in Santa Rosa, it’s important for us to enjoy our work. We are foodies. In fact, our entire office loves to gather, eat, drink and enjoy. With each client, we take the time to do a deep dive into your brand. It’s a hard job, but if someone has to go to the store to buy the brand’s ice cream or wine to better understand the company, we’ll do it. Our love for what we do and our love for every client is what helps us strive to be the best branding agency around.

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