Crystal Creamery

The concept of working with an agency for more than eight years is often unheard of in the world of branding and design agencies. That is just one of the things that makes our relationship with Crystal Creamery so unique and so special. While we have seen numerous changes in their internal team over the years, our agency has served as the constant throughout. Working closely with their team, we have partnered on projects like adding the word Creamery to their name, extending packaging designs, updating packaging designs, creating all needed sales materials and POS, designing truck graphics, attending ideation sessions, creating entirely new sub-brands, managing their sponsorships, designing and programing their website, and managing their social media efforts. While our relationship with them has flexed in and out over the years depending on their internal staff, we have enjoyed the opportunity to go deep on a brand and really help our client drive it forward.



Packaging, POS & Sales Materials
Videos – Internal & External
Website Design, Copywriting & Development
Social Media Strategy, Copy and Imagery Creation & Execution



There is nothing more important than a strong DISCOVER phase. The time we invest up front is invaluable later as we jump into the design, develop and drive phases. A good DISCOVER phase looks at the brand, the brand voice, the messaging, existing materials, the customers, the competition and the client’s own goals and objectives. With Crystal our DISCOVER phase, while very formal early on, can now sometimes be more casual because of our deep knowledge of the brand. That being said, when new projects come up that require additional insight, we can take what we know as a foundation upon which we build. For instance, this kind of DISCOVER phase was key when we helped them make the decision to add the word Creamery to their name. Additionally, when we redesigned their website we spend time doing research on other dairy and food websites in order to inform our later design.


We come out of our DISCOVER phase armed with a ton of knowledge which we then apply, to ensure all of our DESIGN work accurately represents our client. With Crystal Creamery, over the years we used the information gleaned through our research to DESIGN different messaging campaigns including billboard and digital campaigns. Having worked with the brand for eight years we are always looking at their messaging to make sure it targets the right audience and helps differentiate them from their competition. When it came time to redesign their website our focus was to DESIGN a website that spoke directly to their target customers and consumers.


Once we have solid designs our DEVELOP phase is where everything comes to life. For Crystal Creamery, this has included such things as extending packaging across multiple products, updating the brand voice on an ongoing basis to stay relevant, creating sales materials to support new or specialty products, and creating tradeshow booths. In the case of their website, our DEVELOP phase focused on programming the site, adding a user-friendly recipe tool with a great search function, making sure the site was responsive to all devices, and adding a CMS for easy, timely updates.


At this point, we truly think of ourselves as part of Crystal’s team. After all, we have been helping them to build their brand for more than 8 years. Our role in DRIVE can include such activities as acting as brand police, providing weekly graphics support, updating websites, creating general and account specific POS, managing printers, and supporting sales team members. We have provided all this to Crystal and much more. In the case of their social media support, we have managed the strategy and execution and succeeded in driving their likes up substantially and increasing interaction by creating compelling content. Despite this success we never sit back. We are always challenging ourselves to do better and help our client DRIVE their business to the next level.