Huff Construction

Huff Construction came to us looking to take their marketing to the next level. As often happens with our clients, what started as a stand-alone project to rethink and redesign their website quickly grew into a much longer-term partnership. In addition to designing and launching their new website we partnered with them on their social media strategy and initial execution, SEO and actual content writing, developing and programming an interactive sales presentation, and designing and building an internal Huffnet intranet to support their employees. There is nothing we love more than the opportunity to partner with our clients as they drive their business forward.


Website Design & Development
Intranet Design & Development
 Social Media Strategy and Initial Execution
Interactive Sales Presentation
SEO Support
Content Writing including blogging, brochures, website and more



Over the years, we have learned the importance of a strong DISCOVER phase. Investing time here pays dividends in the design and execution that follows. During DISCOVER with Huff our focus was to truly understand their brand and brand voice, to determine their target audience and avenues to reach them, to identify all the bells and whistles needed on each project, and to truly understand their goals and objectives. This important work ultimately led us to the design, layout and functionality of each component.


With all the knowledge gained during DISCOVER the goal of the Huff DESIGN phase was to take what we had learned and start to implement it. We love great design, but we also know that great design means nothing if you aren’t talking to the right audience or if you aren’t accurately representing a company. In the case of their website the DISCOVER phase led us to DESIGN a final website which was organized to include a more intuitive and mobile-friendly design and a robust project portfolio section where they could highlight their work.


One of the most important components of the new site was the use of an easy turnkey CMS which allowed Huff themselves to keep their website current and up to date. As we rolled into additional projects we were able to use our initial DISCOVER phase as a foundation to build upon adding addition research where needed and then using that information to inform each project.


As we completed the DESIGN of numerous items our next step with Huff was to DRIVE their projects forward ultimately supporting them as they built their brand. In the case of things like their website and interactive sales presentation, DRIVE focused on executing the work we had created by programming and launching each. In the case of their social media, we took and implemented the work completed during DISCOVER, DESIGN and DEVELOP to their social media platforms. Working together we partnered on getting the Huff brand up and running on all the relevant platforms.