Friedman’s Home Improvement

Friedman’s Home Improvement is a great example of how our client relationships have evolved along with our business. Initially we only provided digital services for the family owned and operated company. With four Sonoma County locations, the challenge is to set Friedman’s apart from their big box competitors and national home improvement brands. As our SEO efforts really took hold we realized the need for a new website. But somehow the website project actually led us away from a 100% digital focus and now, while we continue our digital support and to develop a strategy and design for a robust online presence, our primary task is branding and marketing.


Logo & Branding
Website Design & Copywriting
Print Advertising
In-store Signage
Television Commercial
Messaging & Voice
Digital Marketing Strategy



Laying the foundation with the DISCOVER phase is essential for the design and execution that follows. A robust DISCOVER phase can also be used as a foundation to guide later projects, or in some cases highlight the fact that other work needs to be moved up in the queue. Our longstanding digital relationship with Friedman’s quickly expanded as we spent multiple meetings during our website DISCOVER phase talking about the company’s brand promise and whether it was being communicated well to their primary audience. These meetings were essential in guiding us down the path we eventually took with Friedman’s and helped us truly understand the brand and what it stands for. We continue to circle back around to the DISCOVER phase as new projects launch.

Asset 8 DESIGN

We came out of our DISCOVER phase with a strong sense of who Friedman’s was and a list of initiatives to help communicate the brand through visuals and brand voice. The various DESIGN phases of projects have been a combination of supporting the in-house design team in upping the branding and relying on our own team to increase the bandwidth of the Friedman’s internal team. We tackled some essential branding elements such as updating the Friedman’s logo and developing an additional icon version, as well as some more tactical yet equally impactful branding tools like newspaper insert cover templates. The key was to remain consistent across every touchpoint whether it be the gritty photo treatment or the version of the logo to use when and where.


During our DEVELOP phase we get to see our designs really come to life. Our engagement with Friedman’s is still going full speed. We continue to develop tactics to market products while reinforcing the brand promise. In addition to the product focused campaigns traditionally used to market retail, the ‘Free to Build’ campaign was conceived and executed across multiple channels as a brand building tool. The DEVELOP phase included a TV commercial which we wrote, story boarded, and directed. Check out the commercial here. The brand building efforts at Friedman’s are expanding; thanks to our strong partnership with the internal team we are a key component in these efforts.


Our focus is always to help our clients DRIVE their brand building forward. For Friedman’s this means constant ongoing support. We support the Friedman’s team by acting as Creative Director and Marketing Director, regularly meeting with the team, reviewing and providing feedback on campaign approaches, and designing key branding elements. We have truly become a part of the team and will continue to be a part until we help raise them to the level where they can fill these roles internally. We also continue to DRIVE our original engagement forward: the digital marketing efforts, SEM, and SEO.