There is nothing better than working with a client who has an amazing and authentic story to tell and a delicious product to sell. Fiscalini Cheese Company is that client. Run by the second generation of the Fiscalini family, we were thrilled with Fiscalini engaged us to update their logo and branding and then carry that across their website, retail cheese packaging, POS and other sales materials. After a couple of years supporting their brand and enjoying their cheese, they approached us about taking over their social media efforts as well.


Logo & Branding
Website Design, Copywriting & Development
POS & Sales Materials
Messaging & Voice
Social Media Strategy, Copy and Imagery Creation & Execution



Investing time during the DISCOVER phase pays dividends in the design and execution that follows. A robust DISCOVER phase can also be used as a foundation to inform later projects - saving our clients time and money - as less additional research is needed. Our relationship with Fiscalini started with an overhaul of their brand which required us to do a deep dive into their story, their existing branding and materials, their customers, their competition, and their own goals and objectives. We love getting to know our clients so that we can better serve them.

Asset 8 DESIGN

We came out of our DISCOVER phase armed with a ton of knowledge which we then applied to making sure all of our DESIGN work accurately represented Fiscalini, were focused on talking to the right audience, would differentiate them from the completion, and would ultimately help them achieve their goals. Our first step was to overhaul their logo to better represent them. This quickly extended to their packaging, POS and sales materials. During the DESIGN phase we identified things like the right colors to help their product pop in a crowded retail cheese case and the claims they needed to highlight in order to match or exceed their competition. We applied the same learning, and more, to the design of their website.


During our DEVELOP phase we get to see our designs really come to life. For Fiscalini, this meant extending their new packaging and logo design to all their products and sales materials. We work closely with our clients’ printers from the get go to make sure designs are achievable and within budget. During this phase, we work with them to make sure designs are executed properly. For their website, our DEVELOP phase included writing copy, finding photos and ultimately programming the site. We worked closely with Fiscalini to find a system that would allow them to sell their cheese online and insured that the site was responsive and worked beautifully on all devices.


Our key focus is always to help our clients DRIVE their business forward. For Fiscalini, this has meant supporting their ongoing brand building, packaging, sales support and POS needs as we have created specialty packaging, account specific POS, and support for demo’s and tradeshows. While DRIVE is our last phase, for long-term clients like Fiscalini, we often cycle back through phases for new projects or new needs. We are currently cycling back around to create a brand voice and messaging for Fiscalini. However, we have been able to use our intimate knowledge of this brand to catapult us forward as we create messaging that fits their brand and product and distinguishes them from their competition. We look forward to using this messaging on their social media and wherever we can, to support their brand and help them sell more cheese.