Flexcare Staff

Flexcare engaged us initially to redesign and rebuild their website. Fairly early on in the process we all realized that a complete rebrand was warranted. The company’s culture was dynamic and unique and their logo and general branding approach was not. Several years of work directly with the founders of Flexcare turned out a strong brand that included a website, social media campaign, messaging, tradeshow materials and a number of promotional materials. All of the branding was created to speak directly to the current travel nurse and nurses that were entertaining the option of becoming a travel nurse.


Website Design, Copywriting & Development
Social Media Strategy, Copy and Imagery Creation & Execution
Tradeshow Materials



We can’t express how much we rely on the DISCOVER phase. The time we spend up front guides us as we jump into the design, develop and drive phases. A good DISCOVER phase looks at the brand, the brand voice, the messaging, existing materials, the customers, the competition and the client’s own goals and objectives. With Flexcare our DISCOVER phase we came to the conclusion that the branding that was initially going to be used to redesign the website needed a complete revamp. We worked with the owner/founder team at Flexcare to research competition, define the audience, and really understand what makes the company so unique.


We come out of our DISCOVER phase a defined strategy that not only feels comfortable to our clients but are supported by in depth research. Our strategy with Flexcare was to develop a dynamic icon, messaging and color scheme that nurses could immediately associate themselves with. The scrubs purple and green worked well to embrace hospital visuals and the stethoscope turned a universal tool into an ownable monogram. DESIGN of the visuals was just the beginning. While finalizing the visuals we worked to define the tagline “Travel nursing done better” which truly encompasses the company’s unique selling proposition. Finally we plugged all of the well-defined branding into a beautiful new website.


Once we have solid designs our DEVELOP phase is where everything comes to life. For Flexcare this is when we jumped into building the website. This website is truly an iceberg. The portion visible to the naked eye is tiny compared to the backend that supports it with full integration with Salesforce and number of third party API’s working behind the scenes. We also worked to build the strategy, graphic and messaging approach for social media. We knew we would be handing social media off to the internal team eventually, so it was important to DEVELOP a strong foundation based on a strong strategy.


Once the website went live we were truly part of the Flexcare team. Our role has changed as the company grows and team members are added internally, but through our engagement we’ve been heavily involved in ongoing website maintenance, branding support, social media, promotional materials development, digital marketing, SEM and SEO.