Calistoga Wine Tours

Calistoga Wine Tours came to us in need of a new website that was clean, functional, and secure. After a long look and a deep dive during our DISCOVER phase, it became clear that not only did we need to build a new website, we needed to update their branding. Since the rebrand, Calistoga Wine Tours has become a great example of a branding system that goes beyond a logo. The new CWT branding extends beautifully on their website, social media, and traditional marketing materials, which have become recognizable across any channel and stand out from the cluttered category of winery bus tours.


Website design & development
Social media
Email marketing
Digital Marketing
Brand voice and messaging



Once TIV and Calistoga Wine Tours became official, we looked into what we thought was a fairly straightforward competitive landscape. But the more we looked, the more we realized there were more competitors and challenges than originally met the eye. Not only were we going up against the big bus tours, but there were more niche bus tours than expected. If you add Uber and Lyft to the equation, bus touring companies became even more crowded. Thanks to our DISCOVER phase we realized simply creating a website for Calistoga Wine Tours would not suffice.


CWT offers much more than a typical wine tour company. In addition to niche wineries, they offer beer, nature, and artisanal food tours. We wanted to play up the overall touring experience in the branding to help keep them top of mind for all wine country tours, whether involving wine or not. By reducing the size of the word wine and increasing the size of the O in tours we created the unique opportunity to play with different backdrops behind the logo. This allowed us to highlight much more than wineries, but food and beer too, driving home our intent to increase brand awareness around all of the gourmet options the area has to offer. This approach really opened the door to creative ideas for the website and social media.


After our DESIGN phase was complete, we moved into development of the website and development of the digital marketing strategies that would support the launch of the rebrand and website. While the site was coming together it was time for the integration of a third party to create unique tours that could be booked online. We’ve always played well in the sandbox so using an established solution to accomplish this was never an issue. To help sales from the get-go we set up Google Ads to drive qualified traffic while the SEO content was coming together. In addition to Google Ads, we created beautiful display ads for Google to drive awareness, and unique social media content to further drive engagement.


After the development of the new brand, website, and marketing channels it was time to launch our beautiful new brand: Calistoga Wine Tours. Since the launch of the site, we’ve supported CWT with additional SEO content, social media, email marketing, and Google Ads, all of which have helped create a strong brand that is as unique as the tour itself.