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Social Media Sales Funnel

Applying The Customer Buying Cycle to Facebook Advertising: Part 2 – Consideration

In our second of our four-part series, we will look at applying Facebook advertising to the second step of the sales funnel: Consideration.

After running a brand awareness campaign, described in our brand awareness blog, step two of driving potential customers further down the sales funnel is consideration. People are now aware of your brand, but how do we get them to consider our product when making a purchase decision? How do we measure their consideration?

We measure consideration through engagement and there are plenty of ways to slice the engagement pie, so we will concentrate on just a handful of them.


Engagement Rate – a 5% engagement rate is a good measuring stick

Video Views – measure between 3-second views and 95% video view.

Web Traffic – Measure the web traffic driven directly from Facebook.


Measuring engagement rate, web traffic, and video views help measure our audiences level of involvement and consideration into our brand and our content. With all of our content we shoot for a 5% engagement rate. Engagement rate includes post likes, shares, reactions, clicks and link clicks. If our engagement dips below 5% then our content is not resonating with our audience; we are essentially losing their interest and we are no longer being considered.

Video views are great for measuring engagement because we can measure and track the length of video views. We have the ability to measure the amount of 3, 10 and 30 second video views or measure the video view by percentage – 25%, 50%, 75%, 95% and 100% completion. One of the great things about video views is we can retarget the people who have viewed our videos with additional content to further deepen their engagement (consideration) with our brand.

One of the most effective ways to measure a person’s consideration in our brand is through website traffic. We can measure link clicks and landing page views from Facebook along with viewing specific pages visited in a 6-month window. Using these metrics along with Google Analytics, we can measure the direct increase in web traffic from social media. Now that we are measuring a person’s level of interest in our brand and content, we can continue to feed them ads and content based off of the amount of content they have already absorbed from us. After deepening our engagement with our potential consumers, we move to the next step in the customer buying cycle: Intent.


Beau Baumbach is the Marketing and Social Media Specialist for TIV Branding
TIV Branding is a boutique branding firm in Sonoma County, California. We specialize in building brands by using traditional, social and digital channels in unison. If you would like to discuss a project or find out more about how we do what we do, please email us at info@TIVbranding.com.