Consumer Packaged Goods Marketing Santa Rosa

Consumer Packaged Goods Branding Santa Rosa

Consumer Packaged Goods Branding

With a limited number of consumer packaged goods branding options in Santa Rosa, it’s crucial to choose an agency that can deliver. By definition CPG brands need to be replaced frequently, which gives the opportunity for brands to interact regularly with consumers. It’s important to not only drive purchase with strong point of sale, but to reinforce the longer term brand saturation through consumer packaged goods branding campaigns. Here at TIV we are proud to offer our clients outstanding CPG branding based on our experience with various companies and campaigns in a variety of mediums.

When starting a CPG branding project, we first look at what marketing tools are right and will achieve your goals. Are we creating a social media campaign to target foodies? Or an out-of-home campaign that will reach commuters? Maybe a digital marketing campaign targeting young moms? CPG branding relies on a strong knowledge of the competition and the ability to find the ideal positioning for the product. We have a unique mix of techniques for researching the best branding approaches that include both traditional and more non-traditional methods.

What sets us apart from the rest?

TIV is different in that we have had people on both sides of the table: agency side and client side at CPG. This gives us a unique and informative perspective when working on consumer packaged goods branding campaigns. Having knowledge on both sides has pushed us to do things differently, rather than stick our heels in and do it the “agency way” like many do, we are willing to stick to one medium or use a variety of audience-specific messaging and visuals, depending on the needs of our client.

TIV is pleased to provide consumer packaged goods branding for clients in Santa Rosa, the Bay Area, and beyond. We have worked with award winning wineries in the area, notable food, clothing, and tech companies. The number of CPG companies in the Bay Area and Northern California is growing. Santa Rosa is well positioned to serve these brands without the challenges connected with San Francisco agencies. TIV is thrilled to provide CPG campaign support for local and national brands. See some of our work here.

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