Brand Management in Santa Rosa

Brand Management in Santa Rosa

Branding Management

TIV Branding offers brand management in Santa Rosa. Come on by and see for yourself! If you do visit our office, you’ll find that the space is laid back and creative. Just like us. We’ve carried our brand through our website, marketing materials, social media, and the office. It’s important to us that our business reflects our brand at every level because, hey, we are a brand design company. Every company has something that really makes them tick. For us, branding is at the core of everything we do. All of the tools we use for our clients: websites, social media, print advertising, packaging, etc are viewed, above all, as one building block in a larger brand strategy. We love working in brand management because we can use these tools in concert to effectly promote your brand.

Why Choose TIV Branding?

We’re not only an experienced brand building agency, but many of us used to be on the client side. Our partners have experience working as employees for large and mid-sized brands that have hired outside firms, so we’ve worked on internal teams to oversee logo and brand design. Unlike agencies where the marketing and design team doesn’t have that history, our leadership team has the unique perspective of seeing it from the other side. This experience gives us a perspective that is effective in managing brands as a whole.

We truly believe in the power of a well-managed brand. More and more we have clients come to us with disconnected marketing efforts across various channels with different agencies. Building a brand must be a concerted effort across all channels. That’s obvious to say, but really hard to implement when you’re managing different creative teams. That’s where our experience in brand management really makes the difference for your business. Let us wrangle the disparate elements into one, cohesive strategy. Whether you need someone to create a logo or an entire brand design across multiple channels, our knowledgeable team can help.

Experts in Brand Building

To focus on brand management, we’ve assembled a team of talented individuals that can do it all. We have innovative marketers focused on digital and traditional methods – not pushing one or the other but finding the best channels for your brand. We have brilliant copywriters that can craft both branded copy and SEO targeted copy. And we have exceptional designers that carry consistent branding across all aspects of design, from logo to websites to print ads. Businesses turn to us for brand management in Santa Rosa because they can rely on a team of experienced, skilled professionals. We build brands.

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