A/B Split Test

When you’ve been in the creative and marketing space as long as we, have things can become pretty turnkey. The first subject line that comes to mind is obviously the best one out there. The creative we develop will clearly catch everyone’s attention, and that target audience we developed…we absolutely crushed it. Well, it turns… Read more »

Digital Brand

As a Branding Agency with strong digital advertising roots, we are often tasked by clients to help them to build their brand online.  In this article, I will be sharing some of the processes that we have found to be effective in building effective brands using online advertising. Be True To Your Brand. Step 1… Read more »

I’ve had this blog on my list for nearly 6 months. Beau came up with the idea because he was curious about how we end up using the colors we use when we’re working on a branding, rebranding or packaging project. To me, it seemed like I would have to come up with some sort… Read more »

Taking Time Off

I’m stressed. Not going to lie. We leave Monday for East Asia. But it’s not the passports, visas, inoculations or the host of other things we need to do prior to leaving that stresses me out. It’s making sure all of our clients are properly covered in my absence. And they are. They’ll be served… Read more »

Wondering what it’s like to work with TIV Branding? Rather than telling you in our own words, we thought it would be fun to let one of our clients tell you. So, Britta Foster, our Marketing Strategy Director, sat down with Laura Genasci, co-owner of Fiscalini Cheese Company. Britta: How long have we actually been… Read more »


One of my roles as Co-CEO for TIV Branding is our company’s positioning. And I’m completely failing. Positioning is a key component of marketing any company. We work hard to find the perfect position for our clients’ brands. The primary reason positioning is so important is that it makes the task of marketing to your… Read more »

segmented audiences

Every marketer in their heart of hearts knows they should segment their audiences. When you don’t segment your audiences it can feel like you’re screaming into a megaphone from the top of a building to people passing by…with their headphones in. That was an awkward simile to say, you should put the megaphone down, get… Read more »

Brand Revolution

Does your brand need an evolution or a revolution? We have clients come to us all the time asking for a rebrand, and it’s always a fun and interesting process. The funny thing is a rebrand often takes more time than building a new brand from scratch. With a new brand, we look at potential… Read more »

Digital Tool Box

For those of us in the digital marketing business, algorithm changes are an ongoing challenge. The only constant in the digital landscape is change, and when sweeping algorithm changes are made by the dominant players, the challenge to a digital branding agency like ours is to continue to gain relevant traffic for our clients in… Read more »

Facebook Changes

I usually try to ignore online trends that are well covered in main stream media, but because I have had so many inquiries from our customers and friends, I want to write to share my thoughts on the recent drama surrounding Facebook and the changes brought about as facts have come to life regarding Cambridge… Read more »