Dog and Pony

I started my career as a graphic designer. Actually, my title was PR Assistant. But I was in charge of graphic design among other tasks, and my degree is in design. I’ve come to learn that the trajectory of my career is not unusual: Start doing design and eventually move to Creative Director where you’re… Read more »

How To Properly Track Campaigns

Here we are, in the middle of Q4. You’ve set up your marketing campaigns (hopefully) and you’re either about to launch or have already done so. If you’re lucky enough to have an ecommerce site, then tracking shouldn’t be an issue because you can see every step people take on your website and you can… Read more »

Client Freak Out

Yup. I said it. Client freak outs are a good thing. Sure, they feel really, really bad at the time, but I attribute many of our best practices and process improvements to some solid freak outs. Regular Check-ins Everyone is busy. We’re busy and clients are busy. And if clients are really busy we’re often… Read more »

Multi-Platform Marketing Campaign

As A 360 Agency, TIV Branding specializes in creating campaigns that generate new customers for our clients.  As anyone with an active email account, telephone, or snail mail box can tell you, the world is full of emails, display ads, social media posts, direct mail pieces and phone solicitations from all manner of businesses offering… Read more »


“Of special note: I can’t think of a restaurant on this list that has a better graphic treatment — from coasters to website, from the menu design to the typography.”  – San Francisco Chronicle, “The Most Beautiful Restaurants in San Francisco“ Designers don’t typically get a lot of props. We are happy if our clients are happy and… Read more »

SEO and Social Media

There is very little documentation and a whole lot of individual trial and error knowledge that “defines” the relationship between social media and SEO. How can we get the engagement that we want out of social media while getting the maximum SEO benefits from your efforts?  The answer is Social Listening. A social media listening/monitoring tool… Read more »

The Key Elements to Build a Brand

I’m going to start off by saying there are some brands where this won’t apply. But for the vast majority of the businesses we work with every day, there are some key branding elements that are essential. And there’s an order of importance when building a brand to make it as effective as possible. #1… Read more »

We rely pretty heavily on our years of experience. Not just in our client work, but for self-promotion. Why hire us over any other branding agency? They’re a dime a dozen, especially with such a broad positioning as “branding.” The answer almost every time is because of our expertise. Recently a Hader (inside joke) sent… Read more »

Google Analytics

If this headline does not grab your attention, then I just don’t know what else I can say.   I know, Google Analytics is only of interest to web marketing nerds, webmasters and people who own e-commerce businesses, right?  Well, believe it or not, some of the recent improvements can actually help business owners, marketing managers,… Read more »


There are tons of great options out there when it comes to automation systems. We spent the last six months searching for a system that is right for our clients and for us, and we finally landed on a great fit for everyone ­­–– Sharp Spring. We’re excited to use our new automation tool and… Read more »