Landing Page Checklist

Creating Landing Pages that convert can be a challenging link between well-designed keywords, email and display targeting, and turning website visitors into customers. Below is a checklist of strategies that are proven to help boost conversion rates. 1. Write an appealing headline The headline of your landing page is your chance to make a first… Read more »

No Click Search

Digital Marketing practitioners are faced with more and more competition each year for the attention of the online search audience. More information that clients need to make decisions is included in Google Text Ads and Meta Descriptions that do not require potential customers to click on an ad to find the information that they need. With… Read more »

All Campaigns Should Be Treated The Same.

The word “campaign” can mean a lot of things these days. In the Madmen days a marketing campaign may have consisted of a combination of print ads, billboards, and televisions spots, but these days a campaign may not even touch those traditional channels. Even if a campaign is focused on search engine marketing, programmatic digital ads… Read more »

Google Mobile First Indexing

I have received numerous questions about “mobile-first indexing” in the past few weeks. I would like to share what mobile-first indexing actually is, and how it may affect SEO efforts, especially for local SEO. Mobile-first indexing means that the mobile version of your website becomes the first criteria for what Google includes in their index… Read more »

2019 Digital Campaign Checklist

Now that 2019 is here we’re all setting goals for the year, drinking more water, doing yoga, and making sure we live a healthy lifestyle. These things are great, but you know what else is great? A healthy digital campaign. We compiled a list of measurables you should look at to see if your campaigns… Read more »


Here at TIV Branding, our theme for 2018 was efficiency. Efficiency is an essential foundational piece for any agency and we are wrapping up the year with the implementation of our new project management system. It’s stupid efficient and you’re going to love it! Once you’ve got a foundation, you can build…and 2019 is all… Read more »

Marketing Acronyms

Have you ever been in a meeting or speaking with some marketing shmuck and you realize you have no idea what in the world they are talking about? It’s probably because they are using acronyms that mean diddly squat to people who don’t live in the marketing space on a daily basis. Well, we understand…. Read more »

Search Placement and Targeted Online Ads

In part one of How To Make Search Placement and Targeted Online Ads Work Together we discussed search rankings, Google Ads, Google display ads along with review sites. Here we will discuss targeted ads, programmatic ads, email, and social media advertising. by combining all these channels you will have accomplished what many companies have not done,… Read more »