Natural: Normally existing at birth Talent: The ability to acquire a general or special type of knowledge or skill I’ve been told this is something I have – natural talent. I’ve always been artistic, whether it be drawing, painting, cooking (yes, this too is an art) or decorating baked goods. Now, I didn’t grow up… Read more »

It really is how I got into graphic design. I used to draw constantly. I would draw my hand, draw my friends…come up with new cartoon characters. I even took a cartooning class with my left hand when I broke my right arm skateboarding. But as my career has progressed, my drawing has dwindled. That’s… Read more »

And with it came a fabulous new computer. A Mac. I’m a well trained, typing away 8hours a day, PC user.  But now I’m a Mac user. Or at least I’m attempting to be a Mac user. Don’t think too much – apparently words to live by when you are transitioning from a PC to… Read more »

So, I was supposed to ‘blog’ last week. We had decided we would all get in on the action of writing blogs for our TIV website and I was the one who created the calendar and assigned myself to last week. Yet here I am a week later, a week late and still no blog… Read more »

When I first started art directing food photography things were different. We would spend hours arranging grains of rice to perfectly offset the protein and contain the sauce… Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s not far off. The point is the style was to make a plate of food look perfect. It… Read more »

“What the heck does that mean?!” That’s exactly what I asked when I first heard the term. I was on a conference call with the printers hired to produce the sleeves TIV designed for the new line of Foster Farms chicken (check out our project focus page to learn more about the process). We were talking with the folks… Read more »

It’s definitely been a busy couple of weeks! Packaging projects for Crystal, a billboard project, print ads… Not to mention the two website proposals we submitted to perspective next clients. But I have to say, my favorite part of the last couple of weeks was trying to explain exactly what we do for a living… Read more »

I’ve relied on Brand New  ( for quite a while as my resource for staying up to date on the latest branding news. I think this is one of their most interesting posts in a long time…the rebranding of American Airlines. American Airlines has always had one of the most iconic logos out there. I… Read more »

Inspired may be an understatement. I’ve bored anyone who would listen for months now by pointing out how much the new grill design used on the Ford 2013 line of cars resembles Aston Martin’s practically perfect exteriors. I’ve always thought it didn’t make sense how little effort more economical car makers spent on design. Why… Read more »