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Through the years we’ve developed a reputation as one of the best branding agencies in California for wine branding and for food and beverage branding. TIV has a 20 year history in branding and from the very beginning there was a tight connection to the wine industry. In 1998 we were called Hoekenga Design, after our founder, Brandt Hoekenga. And at the time the focus was on graphic design. Brandt freelanced while working full-time as Art Director for DeLoach Vineyards, so wine branding was always at the forefront of our early work.

As Hoekenga Design grew, Christy Hoekenga left her position at a prominent Sonoma County winery to join the business. And with the addition of Britta Foster, who worked in marketing at a major California food brand, we had assembled the dream team for not only wine branding but food and beverage branding to boot. We set out to be one of the best branding agencies in California for food, beverage and CPG companies.

Through the years we’ve realized that one of the most requested services in food and beverage branding is recipe development and photography. We’ve art directed countless food and wine photo shoots and our Art Director, Christy, has developed recipes and food-styled everything from chicken recipes to ice cream sandwiches. It’s unique to have someone who has this skillset as a member of the fulltime team but it makes the process seamless and the results outstanding.

When it comes down to It, creative work relies on inspiration. And inspiration only comes from a love for the subject matter. Food and wine have become such a central part of our lives, not only through our work, but through an authentic love for food and wine. It’s almost as though we were destined to be one of the best branding agencies for the food and beverage industries.

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