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Improve Search Engine Rankings

3 Things That Consistently Improve Search Engine Rankings

Google has introduced, according to the notes on SEMRush.com, 10 significant algorithm updates so far in 2019.  There seem to be a number of factors that allow websites to remain relevant in local search engine results pages (SERP) throughout the changes in Google algorithm.  The specific impact of each of these techniques has been proven, but it would be difficult, if not impossible, to specify which is most important in every situation.  Therefore, all of these techniques should be applied to ensure continued positive placement.  Specifics on which tools and platforms to use to optimize your website can be found in this SEO In 2019 blog post on Zenergy Works.

Mobile Load Speed

Mobile load speed has become one of the primary factors in determining rankings.  Slow load speed sends potential customers away from your website and leads them to use your competition instead.  The Google Speed Test allows you to test not only the load time of your website but also the load time of your competitors.  This comparison can be key in optimizing your sites’ performance and increasing your conversion ratio.

Content and the UX (user experience)

The UX that content creates on your website becomes more and more important to SEO every year. It is no longer enough to have a huge amount of content. The content must be valuable, contain relevant facts and have a high readability index. For example, many websites create content to appeal to a college educated audience, because they feel that this displays the quality and intelligence of their firm. The problem is that this can be a negative to a large component of their audience. The best approach is to write content that appeals to your target audience, not to you. Customers will move ahead with a firm that seems compatible with their needs. Be sure that your content shows your target audience that you can communicate with them efficiently.

Link structure

Link structure is one of the most controversial website ranking factors.  Links that lack substance are not designed to actually bring traffic to your site. Using high PR (page rank) sites that are not related in audience or subject matter to your site will come across as “spam” to Google. Link scanning tools are available at both ahrefs.com and semrush.com that will help you to evaluate existing links and identify valuable targets for the creation of new links. When in doubt, disavow links that are identified as potentially harmful to your site by using the link disavow tools from Google and Bing.

Unfortunately, the shortcuts to gaining better search rankings are being eliminated one by one.  The only consistent strategy to gain and maintain positive search rankings is to review your page speed and link structure at least weekly and continue to create unique and valuable website content that reflects the current status of your industry. Any good SEO campaign will also include a review of your competition by using tools available on semrush.com to review strategy and tactics. Like we’ve always said, good old fashioned research and hard work are still the keys to creating and maintaining positive search engine rankings.

Eric Van Cleave is the Co-CEO and Digital Marketing Director for TIV Branding


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